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jason & Constance


jason & constance

have been my friends for a really long time. I was given the opportunity to film their vows and this video was more than just making another solemnisation clip.

It was telling a story of a bridegroom waiting for his bride, his earnest expectation & how he promise to esteem her as she should be, not a princess, not a warrior but a woman who God has infused with dreams and passion.

We're deeply honoured to have been able to be a part of such a beautiful moment, translating their vows in to a beautiful love story to remember for the rest of their lives.

It was about a bride who have prepared herself all her life for this day, for this man, for this moment, to say "I give you everything" and all that she has to him.

This beautiful couple who have defied & challenged our societal norms.



Jason's Vow

Constance, I stand today, in the presence of God and before the hundreds of witnesses to make this marriage covenant with you, my best friend, life companion and lover together with our Lord.

There is no better place where I can make this vow and covenant with you than to do it in this beautiful sanctuary; a place where we have many significant moments and memories with God as individuals and as a couple.

All the promises that were spoken over you, all the dreams that He conceived in your heart through those hours of prayer and the destiny He has marked you with through those encounters you had with Him, I hereby promise you that I will be a faithful steward of them all.

I am fully committed to you in every season of our journey that God has ordained for us until I see you flourish and come into the fullness of what our Heavenly Father has made you to be.

I may not be perfect in this earthly life I live but one thing I can assure you is this; I will make Jesus my passion and my ultimate love so that I can love you the way He loves His bride, His Church; with His life.

Today, I give you my whole heart. I promise to walk with you, hand in hand, wherever our journey and adventure leads us to, in living, learning, loving, together, till Jesus returns.

This is my solemn vow.


Constance's Vow

"Jason, today is the day I have dreamt of my entire life and it’s a glorious thing to be able to share the rest of my life with you. It is by his faithfulness, mercy and grace that we can now stand here, with a lifetime awaiting us. I pray and hope that today you will feel the emotions of Jesus on that wedding day, where the bride is made ready for Him and have a foretaste of what the age to come is like.

Before the eyes of God and in the presence of family and loved ones I want to thank you for being a man after God’s own heart, for fearlessly pursuing His heart. It was in that pursuit and His initiation that you found me and then chose me. You are worth the wait.

Today, I present myself to you, wholeheartedly just as the church is prepared and presented to Jesus, as a spotless and blameless bride. I give you all of myself.

So here is all of me - bare and vulnerable, raw and transparent with you, not perfect but tenaciously choosing you over and over again. Today, I give you the key to open my heart fully, the key to access the deep parts of my emotions that I will share with no one else apart from God. I give you the permission to have my body. I present myself to you for you to have and to hold, giving you absolute right to lead me, I trust you.

Today, I choose you as my life partner to live a life that is full of adventure. I will be faithful to you in the midst of the options because you are worth my affections and love. I am committed to building a marriage that will glorify God, where he can use our failings and weaknesses to glorify His Kingdom. Where he can use our victories to bring revelation of His goodness.

I will love you with a passionate and fierce love but always submitting and trusting your leadership. I promise to call out the gold in you, to love you not for what you can do, what others see you as or what you can bring to the table, but just as you are, the Jason I know you to be - the way God created you to be. I promise to forgive you when you fail and to help you become the man God has called you to be, to steward your emotions, thoughts and feelings well. I will believe in you, hope in you, celebrate and champion who you are in both your weak and glorious moments. I promise to be your ball of fun, the one who laughs at your jokes when nobody does, your best friend and the one who adores you whether hunky or not.

I commit to being a faithful and gentle wife where you can find refuge. Where my silent whispers of support will resound louder than any mortal voice of approval and spiritual voice of accusation. I will cry and laugh with you, be comfortable in silence and be your loud prayer warrior when required. I promise to be the safe and joyful place you return to each day.

I commit to being your personal intercessor, the praying wife that will help you fight your battles, a praying mom who will pave the way for our kids, eventually a praying grandma and then hopefully a praying great-grandmother who leaves a legacy.

I am committed to our marriage’s vision of being a prophetic voice, awakening hearts and to build God a resting place in this nation and the nations beyond. We will do this together as a commitment to each other and God, so that the lamb receives the reward for his suffering.

I commit to build a heritage and a legacy for our children and our children’s children.

I commit to do what God has called us to do, He can take us anywhere, and I will trust your leadership to go on the adventure. No dream will be too big for you, God and myself.  

I make this covenant with you today, I am your beloved and you are mine. I take you to be my husband to journey together, letting the heavens rejoice and demons shake in fear. Whether it be for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, I vow to fight for this union and to protect the sanctity of this marriage till my very last breath.

This is my solemn vow."

khairi & sabrina


Khairi & Sabrina

when khairi approach me (technically he was just behind me, with a razor - he is the boss man of a street barbershop ) to document and make a video for his special day, i was weary and honestly afraid. i did not fully understand the works of a muslim wedding, and i was not well-verse with the malay language. I turned him down and told him to find another production house that could meet his needs.

After a month of consideration, he said that sabrina and him would prefer that i take on this tall order. I'm glad i said yes.

I had the privilege of capturing very intimate moments between the couple and their families, and I'm so blessed to have met such a couple



Daniel & Adeline


Adeline and Daniel

are one of the craziest people that we've met. They're actually gym-buffs which means that they absolutely love working out. Some say, they are the epitome of 'siao' which means crazy or 'garang' which is gung-ho or known as the ones whom are willing to go for it and get down and dirty.

These adrenaline junkies were nothing short of fun when it came to the gatecrash. Daniel and his brothers suited up in their Chinese traditional costume were ready to tackle even the toughest challenge: the cricket-mealworm-key box. They had to search for keys that Adeline had hid in a box full of sand and crickets. 

Daniel & Adeline are both deeply passionate about their faith in God and had a heartwarming church wedding at the Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer.