Every Story Matters

hildan vision night


in May, we were commissioned to make a 3 part series marking the anniversary of st.hilda's school to be shown at their hildan vision night. 

the 3 part storyline takes the audience from the establishment of the school, seeing Jesus in His faithfulness through the years, to the current establishment and it’s robust student life today.

And ends with alumni sharing their story of how the school has been pivotal in contributing to where they are today. 


Strum & Praise


Early this year, our friend and founder of the strum & praise guitar school, Desmond approached us to do a marketing video for the new school term. 

Strum & Praise is a music school that teaches aspiring musicians basic music theory and practical guitar playing skills. They aim to help their students improve their playing skills through the experience. this will ultimately equipped them to being the next worship leaders in your churches. 


FOPx: The Story


in 2016, a group of youth pastors felt a call to gather youth workers and pastors from all over singapore to join in their vision and mission for a interdenominational community. 

their mission was to create an environment where these pastors could share life together with the resources they had. 

they launched their first ever youth conference, born(for such a time as this) in november. They saw an attendance of 1400 young people gathered at star vista from over 40 different churches. 

watch the video for more information



Miss World Singapore:

Miss Bhaama Padmanathan


The 24-year old singaporean law student Bhaama Padmanathan,  was approached to represent her country at the 2016 Miss World competition.

Bhaama is currently taking her Masters of Law, and also volunteers at a Criminal Law Firm. She hopes that through this competition she will be able to shine a light onto her personal belief of Human Rights on Gender Equality.

Bhaama introduces her country as something she is most proud of, and that of our lush greenery amidst the bedazzling skyline. She also is a lover of people and food, and believes this is the one thing that makes Singapore so special.

Our food is a beautiful representation of our friendships- diverse regardless of race, language or religion.
— Bhaama Padmanathan, Miss World Singapore 2016


Watch her introduction video to find out more about our Miss World Singapore 2016.



Toa payoh methodist church:

encounter to love


Voice Over Script

A wise man once said that there is a love shaped void in all our hearts

We go to great extents to find it.
Some search for it in the eyes of their lovers,
in the temporal satisfaction of our skins. While others bury their hopes in the banks of despair.

But love reaches out to us. Like a torch in the darkness. Burning

A beacon of hope.

As we hide behind our walls
of fear and insecurity
Love crashes in like a mighty river Consuming all that stands in its way.

Love is endless,
He reveals more of himself every brand new day.
Love stretches beyond the highest heights Searches for us in the deepest depths

Love is infinite and eternal.
He is the perfect lover
Who woes us with spectacular surprises And rejoices in our happiness
He journeys with us daily
Through the tapestry of life

How can we begin to comprehend this Gift Love personified, humbling till death
A price that was paid so that we can come close.

I have encountered Love.
As I looked into His tender eyes
He liberated me from shame and sets me into his glorious light
Rescued me from sin and
built beauty from my brokenness,

I am still encountering love.
And each day in my communion with Him, I am in awe at the ever changing facet of who He is and becomes.

The idea of who He is increases
and I am continuously baffled at the beauty of His revelation to me.

Today I get to come closer to his heart

Each day I get to know what it feels like to be the object of his affections

As I listen to the rhythm of his love and I fix my eyes on my beloved,
I become the very thing I behold.

Love draws me in, consumes me, transforms and compels me.

I am Loved, I am love. This is love. 



mothercare baby fair 2016


In 2015, we were engaged by Mothercare to create trailers to boost their online presence for their Annual 2016 Baby Fair which was going to be hosted in their Flagship store.

The challenge was to create something that was engaging and different from other competitors. The messaging has to be creative and enaging. There were 3 levels of publicity- this was done in conjunction with their first ever online store.

3 videos were created that were released periodically throughout the 2016 Baby Fair campaign. 

The first was a short fast typography-motion base video meant to create traction for their online sale. The second was a comedic video release 3 days before the Baby Fair and the last clip was shot during the Baby Fair to give viewers a first hand view of what they can expect and what to look forward to.




the city church


In 2009, The City started out as church plant that held their service at 50 MacPherson Road and over the years, the size of the church grew bigger and they had moved from one place to another.

God is moving us from glory to gory and a prophetic shift for the church.
— Pastor Daniel Chua, The City Church

this sparked a change of location from the heartlands of MacPherson to the hustle and bustle of the Central Business District of Singapore.

At the end of 2015, The Move began and The City has packed their bags, looking for a place that they could settle down and call 'Home'. 

Eventually after being on a lookout for a new location, The City has found a new place to call home and renovation works began. 

The video that we've produced it to show that all hands are on deck to help out with the move and united as one community and also the process and progress of The City's journey from then till now. 


The City Church:

Family Day ACES 2016

In the year 2016, the City Church themed their family day celebration ACES. As a way to incorporate a healthy balanced lifestyle into doing family. This was brainchild of the young adult community and Ps Andre Tan- ACES stands for All Christian Exercising Simultaneously. This was done accompanying the games for the day, as families were encouraged to participate in the exercises planned specifically to fit into some of the verses in the bible. 

the city church:

The Sunday Experience

After moving into the heart of the city in the Central Business District, The City Church has found its home. And the congregation were able to celebrate their annual Family Day. 

The video showcases, the heart of who they are as a people on a Sunday- that they are not just a service they attend but a family they belong to. 

1.11 Burning heart conference


1:11 Conference

We had the chance to partner with Shan from Scintilla Studios for our friends at Burning Hearts to document their "1:11" Conference with 120 delegates from the SouthEast Asian region. 

With a vision for Prayer, Worship and Missions converging into 1. The 1:11 Conference believe that Malachi 1:11 is propelled by Acts 1:11. Contending for the hope found in Acts 1:11 to fuel the reality of Malachi 1:11; until every nation sings.

1:11 had an array of powerfully anointed speakers such as Andy Byrd, Daniel Lim, Francis Chan and home-bred Jason Chua; coupled with worship leaders like David Brymer, Josh Yeoh and various house of prayers across the region. 

By partnering with the different houses of prayer in the SouthEast Asian region, Burning Hearts dreamt with a wide vision of what God will do across the earth, participating in prayer, worship and mission in this yearly affair

What was spectacular for us personally, was a whole hearted devotion and reverence to God. It was no easy task putting the final clip together, taking people on a journey of the 4 day experience yet not bringing limelight to any specific speaker. We had to tell the story of a "given" generation.



here in the waiting: the story


Some time in 2015, we were approached by a friend asking if we were keen to do an album promotion video. At that time we had never done an album promo before, we didn't know how it was going to look like. All we knew was that we had to travel to Penang.

We left for Penang and met with Josh Yeoh who runs the Penang House of Prayer. He came to us with a dream of what his album was about. "Here In The Waiting" covers the themes of longing and desire for the Lord during this time as sojourners on earth. His passion and dream was infectious and we began crafting out what this was going to look like.

After the promotion video for the album came out, Josh came back to us again and asked if we wanted to go on tour. The tour would take us from Penang, to Kuala Lumpur (KL) back down to Singapore. We would have to shoot and edit on the road for that weekend. We took up the challenge and produced their highlight videos to be shown during the tour.