Good people is a video production company that started with a dream to create good video content.

Establish in 2015, Good People in the grand scheme of things are pretty much infants .

Like a growing child, we enjoy growing, learning and improving on the work we produce.

Having done works for start ups, to SMEs, churches and MNCs, we believe with a duty to excellence, clear processes and calculated risk we can deliver an honest, creative, fresh way of telling your story.

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the people

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Felicia quick

creative producer

She enjoys asking the difficult questions and hearing people's processes through their answers. She loves breaking apart the elements that contribute to a story and analyse each part.

She does more than just produce content- she curates what the audience sees and experience.

That is her aim in storytelling. 

A good story is when the experience can change your perspective about a particular belief.
— Felicia Quick


axel tan

creative storyteller

Born and raised in the little red dot called Singapore. Axel first started filming stuff on a 3 month immersion in Pemba, Mozambique.

An engineer by training, he believes in great processes, clear objectives and taking calculated risks to achieve a great visual story.

I believe that a good story is when it can take you into places you have never been before. 
— Axel Tan