Singapore TV I Watched With My Parents Growing Up

I consider myself lucky to be born in a time where the big black box sitting in the living room was the common reason for family bonding. We ate, drank, laughed and cried in front of that screen. Unfortunately as the screens got smaller and the box disappeared into the palm of our hands, I can only reminisce the days of good Singaporean television

Growing Up

growing up.jpg

We all remember the time when Ah Mah died and cried like a baby. But the very Singaporean family were not just a form of television. But the every Singaporean family living in the late 80s early 90s, when they were shifted from their zinc roofed houses to the government built HDB flats.

Under One Roof

under one roof.jpg

Then we had Tan Ah Teck and his comedic family, addressing their struggles as a family living in the 90s as Singapore was progressing into the new millennium. Tackling pop culture diluting our traditional cultures, constantly reminding audiences of our heritage- as the story goes "Long time ago, in the southern province of China..."

Phua Chu Kang


Last but not least, the comedic icon for close to the last 20 years of Singapore history. The curly haired, locally flavored yellow boots contractor brought many laughs to the nation. As he tackled with family issues in the most Singaporean style, helped when we faced SARS and taught people to keep good hygiene. He was also the spokesperson to speak proper English, when he himself couldn't. What a role model. Oh and did we forget to mention, he is the best in Singapore, JB and some say Batam.

Triple nine (999)

triple nine.jpg

And last but not least, how could I forget Triple Nine. The little 7- year-old me, telling my mum's colleague how I was going to grow up to be like actress Wong LiLin.