Anger looks like...

I find myself angry almost all the time and the people around me gets the brunt of it and most times have difficulty figuring out why.

These are the different levels of anger and thought processes that go through my head. 

"Why did you"

This is most commonly used on little children.

I used to work in a childcare centre before this. And when a child misbehaves and ends up injury another kid, this is usually the face we see (even from parents and peers)



Used when people take you for granted

I realised that for the most part of our lives, we'd be at the mercy of others. And sometimes, the only response you have is to bite that tongue and accept the bullshit coming your way.

Telling yourself  "It's okie, I'm gonna mess this guy up sooo bad. But yupp... ok"

"pulls hair"

when your voice starts to rise and you're talking really loudly cause you're so angry your heart thumping in your chest is DEAFENING

This usually happens when you're on the edge of your seat trying to explain something to someone. No matter what you say, they don't seem to get it. 



"pre-full blown  frustration"

Usually after tolerating bullshit for awhile before blowing up

Have you ever had a time when these guys would take advantage of your niceness, and then time and time again. They go on and on and on, making you miss your bus or go home late, AGAIN. And there is no remorse on their faces accept the sweet smile, bye.



"What! #$%*&^#@"

When peoples' stupidity mystifies you and is incomprehensible. WAIIIII

I don't get it sometimes. But apparently common sense isn't common any more. And people tend to do things without thinking which ends up in a lot of misunderstanding and angry people. 

"The silence"

Do not talk to them at all at this point, nothing you say will make any sense.