Photo by Eder Pozo Pérez on Unsplash

Young people bank everything on the luxury of time we have left to accomplish tasks.

Older people see time as their enemy.

Will we ever be able to dismantle time? Or has it inevitably become a race we are forced into living, constantly at the mercy of time.

As a young child, I had dreams. And as I grew older, there was always something I was doing that demanded my attention. The current life stage became my greatest priority, not knowing what value it was adding to the ultimate dream(goal).

When we're staring at deaths' door, will we still choose to go back to where we left off before we got terribly sick? Or do the things we most wish to? 

If the weight of mortality does not grow lighter, does it at least get more familiar? 
— When breath becomes air

The RIGHT time doesn't exist, only time. 

We will never be able to know when the right time to do anything will be. There might be the 'best' time, most opportune, calculated. But the right time doesn't exist. 

Maybe the hipster who made trendy 'Carpe Diem' was a secret genius. But the very asian blood in me, resists the idea of abandoning ship and living the moment- it just seems irresponsible. 

So we're back in square one. 

But maybe we're more capable than we think. Maybe it is possible to strive for excellence in wherever we're planted, and yet be able to find a balance at that and choosing to invest in the other areas.