Daniel & Adeline


Adeline and Daniel

are one of the craziest people that we've met. They're actually gym-buffs which means that they absolutely love working out. Some say, they are the epitome of 'siao' which means crazy or 'garang' which is gung-ho or known as the ones whom are willing to go for it and get down and dirty.

These adrenaline junkies were nothing short of fun when it came to the gatecrash. Daniel and his brothers suited up in their Chinese traditional costume were ready to tackle even the toughest challenge: the cricket-mealworm-key box. They had to search for keys that Adeline had hid in a box full of sand and crickets. 

Daniel & Adeline are both deeply passionate about their faith in God and had a heartwarming church wedding at the Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer.